Why the Actor Behind the Wraith QUIT Stargate Atlantis (Dial the Gate)

STARGATE ATLANTIS had a pair of actors bring the extremely creepy Wraith varieties to life when the show premiered in 2004. The Wraith are a hive-like vampiric varieties, as well as based on their genetic background it makes good sense that the many hive queens and also male Wraith officers tended to look alike. That provided stars James Lafazanos as well as Andee Frizzell the opportunity to play various Wraith personalities, each with refined make-up differences, and also their very own schedules.

James played most all of the male Wraith police officers (leaving out the faceless warrior course) with Atlantis’ initial two seasons, appearing in an overall of 15 episodes. However veteran viewers will acknowledge that his familiar face vanishes after the 2nd season ending, “Allies.”.

In this discussion with “Dial the Gate,” James discuss his love for the duty … and reveals why he selected to ignore it.

This clip is from Dial the Gate’s upcoming unabridged conversation with James. See the complete interview streaming Saturday, March 5, 2022: https://www.youtube.com/c/DialtheGate/.

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