Why Aris Boch Never Returned to STARGATE (Dial the Gate)

STARGATE SG-1 gave us a lot of fascinating secondary characters, from the villainous Goa’uld to allies like the Tok’ra and the Tollan. But in that grey area in between sat characters like Aris Boch, a rogue who was an antagonist to SG-1 – capturing them and threatening to hand them over to Sokar – before he turned sympathetic.

In this chat with “Dial the Gate,” series writer and executive producer ROBERT C. COOPER talks about Season 3’s “Deadman Switch” and what he was hoping to create with the character of Aris Boch, who would be played by “Flash Gordon” veteran Sam J. Jones. And why didn’t Aris Boch ever return to the show, in spite of the fact that fans seemed to love the character so much?

This clip is from Dial the Gate’s full-length, 68-minute conversation with Rob. Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJAalj-wZ6M

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