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What is Layer Zero? What is Stargate? Game-Changing Interoperability Protocol

Layer Zero seeks to resolve the linking trilemma by enabling cross-chain communication that is economical, dependable, and secure. Stargate (STG) is the very first application making use of Layer No as well as it enables exchanging native stablecoins on various chains.

Layer Zero Summary –
Layer Zero Comparison and Synergy with IBC –
IBC Synergy Part 2 –
Layer Zero Gitbook –

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0:00 Intro
1:24 Dynamo DeFi
1:35 Multichain World
2:02 Current Situation with Bridging
3:24 Problem Layer Zero is Solving
5:32 Layer Zero’s Solution
7:50 Current Chains
8:19 Implications as well as Possibilities of Layer Zero
9:48 Future Layer Zero Token
10:45 Stargate