Walking Through the BACK of a Stargate? … and 10 More Questions (Q&A Volume 2)

WE ASKED YOU to post your questions concerning the STARGATE franchise business, and you provided us an additional wonderful set of points to discuss! The Stargate Q&A is back for its second installation, with 11 questions covering eviction itself, the next Stargate program, entrance addresses made of celebrity constellations, Atlantis’ wormhole drive (and saving the crew of Destiny), the evolution of the Asgard, and also a lot more.

Check out Volume 1 of this Q&A series, as well as publish your own concern in the remarks below! We could use it in a future video clip. (Please try to state your question concisely.).

QUANTITY 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXL4roWoV0A.

In this Q&A:.

0:35 – What takes place if you enter a Stargate wormhole from the incorrect side?
2:14 – Would a new show be an extension?
4:45 – Has the Stargate program currently end up being public?
5:48 – Were the Pegasus Asgard as progressed as the other Asgard?
7:52 – Can Atlantis reach Destiny if it had 3 ZPMs?
9:19 – Can Atlantis get to Destiny with its wormhole drive?
11:04 – Could there be much more Destiny-type ship there?
12:40 – Why doesn’t each planet’s Stargate have its very own one-of-a-kind collection of constellations?
16:25 – When in the timeline were the Ancients affected by a torment?
19:14 – Why really did not the Ancient crew of the Tria age 10,000 years?
21:58 – Why could not Destiny get the cure for T.J. from the Novans’ brand-new world?

★ Stargate Creator’s New Series Would Reveal The Gate To the World: https://www.gateworld.net/news/2021/11/stargate-creators-new-series-would-reveal-gate-world/.
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