Three Different Stargates | Milky Way » Pegasus » Destiny

THE STARGATE is just one of the best conceits in modern-day sci-fi: an item of old modern technology that, when unlocked, can immediately transport you to another world. The tv franchise has explore this idea in several methods … and with several types of Stargates.

In this video we’re diminishing the three various designs of Stargate– the red-chevron Milky Way gates, the blue-chevron Pegasus Galaxy gates, and also the white-chevron gates of Destiny as well as the seed ships that get on course in advance of it. PLUS: Eagle-eyed followers will certainly recognize that there are three various other models of Stargates that have actually shown up on screen until now.

Which gate is your favorite?

REMAIN TUNED for future video clips regarding the Stargate, in which we discover wormhole physics, the capability of the Stargate network, and also what happens when the Stargate breakdowns.

Plan Art by GateBuilder:

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★ Supergate:

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

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