The Stargate Experience – Quantum Bliss Meditation

For those who resonate with Alcazar as well as the Stargate job that we have presented, we invite you. We invite you to allow as well as kick back go of control, simply watching, really feeling with great recognition as well as existence, for this way we can guide you right into your very own Self understanding.

Concerning the Stargate: The Stargate is a very progressed awareness which originates from beyond the shroud. It can secure right into a sacred geometric framework, it is an accelerator of human consciousness if you choose to enable its energy as well as its support.

Regarding Alcazar: Alcazar is a group consciousness. It is a gathering of that which we call Universal Masters. These Universal Masters bring their powers with each other as one, and this representative, Alcazar, communicates to humankind.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

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