The History of the Vanir (Stargate SGA)

Participants of the Vanir are from a physical standpoint really comparable to the Asgard, as they were descended from the same race. Like their Ida relatives, the Vanir use cloning as a method of circulating their race.

Like the Asgard of the Ida galaxy, the Vanir suffered the unfavorable impacts of generations of cloning and also re-cloning themselves as well as looked for means whereby to maintain their hereditary structure. Nevertheless, where the Ida Asgard were resistant to engage in acts that risked various other lives in that undertaking, the Vanir, taken in with the need to survive, believed that the ends justified the means. Their key objective was survival, as they did not desire to finish up like their distant relatives, which would certainly lead to the loss of a hundred thousand years of history. Check out my Awesome brand-new Sci Fi Store !! Interested in aiding this Channel grow? go right here:

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