The Best Stargate Space Battles HQ

Hey!! I’m back with this outstanding video as well as SG-1 in HQ. Delight in:-RRB-.

Fight of Dakara:

A lot more views, more thumbs up= More SG-1 Space Battles in HQ.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

00:00 1. Immediate Music – Epicon
01:30 2. Audiomachine – Command and also Conquer
02:14 3. Immediate Music – With Great Power
04:04 4. Immediate Music – Calsh of Titans
05:15 5. Immediate Music – With an Iron Fist
06:25 6. City Of The Fallen – Prince of Darkness
06:50 7. Audiomachine – Ad Suprema
08:02 8. Audiomachine – Sands of Time
10:14 9. 2 Steps From Hell – ASAP
All rights reserved to the rightfull owners.
Video produced fun and also to advertise this AWESOME STARGATE series.
MGM pls bring STARGATE back!!!!
Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

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