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Este Es El Orden Correcto Para Ver La Franquicia De Stargate

La franquicia Stargate abarca tres décadas, tres programas de televisión y tres películas, además de materiales no canónicos. Este es el orden correcto para ver la franquicia de Stargate.

Cualquiera que quiera empezar a ver Stargate debe empezar disadvantage la película de 1994. Es la película que inició toda la franquicia y es la introducción al universo de Stargate. La trama se basa en la popular conspiración de que los extraterrestres construyeron las pirámides de Giza, Egipto y crea una mitología en torno a las implicaciones de ese concepto.

Interpretado por James Spader, el protagonista es el arqueólogo Daniel Jackson. Él está convencido de que los extraterrestres construyeron las pirámides. Pero el mundo académico en general lo rechaza y excluye. Aunque como siempre ocurre con los académicos locos de las películas: Jackson es el que más razón tiene de lo que se podría sospechar.

El ejército consiguió un dispositivo alienígena enterrado en las fields de Egipto, que se llama Stargate. Se “marca” un conjunto de coordenadas en el espacio tridimensional y si hay conexión, puedes transportarte a otro planeta.

En este nuevo mundo, rápidamente se ven envueltos en un antiguo conflicto. Tienen que derrotar a un malvado dictador alienígena que se hace llamar Ra antes de poder regresar a la Tierra.

Stargate SG-1 temporadas 1 a 7|1:30
SG-1 temporada 8 y Atlantis temporada 1|3:06
SG-1 temporada 9 y Atlantis temporada 2|4:19
SG-1 temporada 10 y Atlantis temporada 3|6:03
Stargate: El Arca de la Verdad|7:04
Atlantis Temporada 4|8:17
Stargate: Continuum|9:19
Atlantis temporada 5|10:45
Las temporadas 1 y 2 de Stargate Universe|11:26
Stargate Origins|12:33

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Stargate: Continuum (2008) – Shoot the People Chasing Us Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

Stargate: Continuum film clips:
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The Goa’uld assault as SG-1 is rerouted to Russia.

The Stargate legend continues as an elite military unit races back to Earth adhering to the mystical disappearance of two essential employee, only to find themselves in an alternating fact where the Stargate has never ever been created. Someplace in deep room, the SG-1 group is in major problem. 2 employee have actually disappeared without a trace, and also currently the SG-1 system’s only expect survival is to return to Earth as quickly as possible. Upon touching down the team is alleviated to be home, yet deeply disturbed to learn that the reality they simply returned to isn’t the exact same one they left from. In this reality, the Stargate has actually never been uncovered and neither the federal government nor the armed force has actually never even listened to of the SG-1 device. But who modified the Earth’s timeline, and also why? Upon uncovering that a malevolent alien referred to as Ba’al has been meddling with the earth’s timeline in an attempt to dominate Earth, the group needs to race versus time to defeat the most effective enemy that they have ever dealt with.

TM & © MGM (2008 )
Cast: Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis, Amanda Tapping, William Devane, Ben Browder
Supervisor: Martin Wood
Producers: Robert C. Cooper, John G. Lenic, N. John Smith, Allison Volk, Brad Wright
Film Writers: Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner

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This Is The Correct Order To Watch The Stargate Franchise

The Stargate franchise extends three years, 3 TV programs, as well as three movies, plus various other non-canon material. This is the appropriate order in which to enjoy the Stargate franchise business.

Any Stargate watch-through need to rationally begin with the 1994 film. It’s the movie that introduced the whole franchise business, as well as it’s the very first time audiences were introduced to the Stargate world. The plot improves the popular conspiracy that aliens constructed the pyramids in Giza, Egypt and also continues to produce a mythology around the varied implications of that central principle.

Played by James Spader, the primary protagonist of the original film is an archaeologist called Daniel Jackson. As it always tends to be with crackpot academics in motion pictures: Jackson is extra right than he can possibly recognize.

The U.S. military has managed to obtain their hands on an unusual device buried in the sands of Egypt, which is called the Stargate. At some point, Jackson coordinate with Colonel Jack O’Neill, played flawlessly stoically by Kurt Russell. With each other they work to discover the keys of the Stargate. As it ends up, this huge ring-like tool is essentially a global phone. You “dial” a set of works with in 3D space, and if there’s a connection, you can transport on your own to another world.

For Jackson, O’Neill, as well as their team, this is no trip. On this brand-new world, they quickly come to be embroiled in an age-old dispute. They should beat a bad alien authoritarian that calls himself Ra prior to they can return house to Earth.

Enjoy the video to see The Correct Order To Watch The Stargate Franchise!

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Stargate SG-1 seasons 1 with 7|1:41.
SG-1 season 8 as well as Atlantis season 1|3:18.
SG-1 period 9 and Atlantis period 2|4:29.
SG-1 season 10 and also Atlantis season 3|6:12.
Stargate: The Ark of Truth|7:22.
Atlantis period 4|8:35.
Stargate: Continuum|9:39.
Atlantis season 5|11:00.
Stargate Universe seasons 1 as well as 2|11:43.
Stargate Origins|12:46.

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