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Stargate Cast Reunion Table Read Version 2.0 – Exclusive Trailer (2022) Richard Dean Anderson

Take a look at the Stargate AI Version 2.0 trailer. You can register to join the special digital premiere occasion on May 21, 2022 right below:

Following last year’s Stargate A.I. cast get-together, the Companion, together with Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, as well as Stargate Atlantis co-creator Brad Wright, are back with some more fond memories for Stargate fans.

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), and Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) have returned to read some new scenes generated by artificial intelligence. That’s right, every line of dialogue as well as phase direction has been composed by Google AI.

Examine out the trailer for a look of the upcoming Stargate reunion, and for a taste of what’s to find in the Stargate table read. Stargate A.I. Version 2.0 is readily available just on The Companion. The complete video will be available to see on-demand for Companion members the week after the best.

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1997 – 2007/ 42min/ Drame, Science fiction, Action.
Créée par Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner.
Avec Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder.
Nationalités U.S.A., Canada.
En relationship avec Stargate: L’Arche de Vérité, Stargate: Continuum (TV).

Collection à la découverte de la “Porte des étoiles”, le colonel Jack O’Neill et kid équipe partent à la découverte de mondes et civilisations inconnus …

2004 – 2009/ 42min/ Science fiction.
Créée the same level Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper.
Avec Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Robert Picardo.
Nationalités U.S.A., Canada.
En relation avec Stargate SG-1.

Une nouvelle Porte des étoiles découverte dans la cité perdue d’Atlantis, au milieu des glaces de l’Antarctique, devient la nouvelle base secrète de l’armée.
L’équipe Stargate: Atlantis a put objective d’explorer la galaxie Pegase, où de nombreuses planètes ont été peuplées par la civilisation humaine qui vivait autrefois dans la cité d’Atlantis. Dans cet univers encore inconnu de la Terre, la nouvelle équipe d’explorateurs rencontrera un nouvel ennemi craint de tous: The Wraith …

La série est un spin-off de Stargate SG-1.

2009 – 2011/ 42min/ Science fiction.
Créée par Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper.
Avec Robert Carlyle, David Blue, Louis Ferreira.
Nationalités U.S.A., Canada.
En connection avec Stargate SG-1.

Une base secrète de scientifiques, de soldats et de civils située à des millions d’années-lumière de la Terre est brutalement attaquée par un puissant ennemi. Les survivants n’ont alors d’autre choix que de traverser la Porte des Etoiles grâce au 9ème chevron afin d’échapper à la damage imminente de la planète. Leur voyage interstellaire les avenue sur Le Destiny, un vaisseau spatial unique créé par les Anciens mais do not les capacités à fournir de l’oxygène s’ amenuisent rapidement. Coupés du monde, ils vont tout faire pour survivre et tenter de rejoindre la Terre, leur planète d’origine …

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© Amazon, MGM.

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Why (Almost) Every SG-1 Cast Member Was Written Out (Stargate Secrets)

CAST CHANGES ARE INEVITABLE on a long-running franchise business. As the years pass cast members determine to move on, retire, or quit because of problem. Or, their character gets drawn up by the show’s writers. The program has to go on.

STARGATE SG-1 was no exemption, competing 10 years plus 2 direct-to-DVD movies. In each instance the authors needed to believe creatively to compose the personality out of the program– and in a few cases to bring them back once more later.

As a matter of fact, over its run every participant of the show’s original cast wound up drawn up at one time or another … every person, that is, besides ONE.

★ Daniel Jackson (Omnipedia):
★ Jonas Quinn (Omnipedia):
★ Janet Fraiser (Omnipedia):
★ George Hammond (Omnipedia):
★ Jack O’Neill (Omnipedia):’Neill
★ Samantha Carter (Omnipedia):

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0:00 – Introduction
1:02 – Michael Shanks (” Daniel Jackson”).
3:20 – Corin Nemec (” Jonas Quinn”).
4:46 – Teryl Rothery (” Dr. Janet Fraiser”).
6:45 – Don S. Davis (” Gen. George Hammond”).
8:55 – Richard Dean Anderson (” Jack O’Neill”).
10:49 – Amanda Tapping (” Samantha Carter”).
12:33 – Wrap-Up.


Track: Sway.
Songs by:

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If Amazon Makes It … | Brad Wright’s Next STARGATE Show

In a brand-new interview, Stargate’s tv co-creator Brad Wright discusses his script for a new Stargate collection– including his strategies to make the Stargate program public– as well as his expect what Amazon as well as MGM will certainly do to construct the franchise.


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” Stargate” and also all related materials are possessed by MGM Studios as well as MGM Television.

Sand Castles by Purrple Cat|
Songs promoted by
Imaginative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

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How STARGATE Found Rick, Amanda, Michael, and Chris (Dial the Gate)

IN 1997 STARGATE SG-1 damaged onto the small screen with an outstanding actors of characters. Handling the film duties of Colonel Jack O’Neill as well as Dr. Daniel Jackson were Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks– one understood worldwide as the journey hero “MacGyver” as well as the various other a rising Canadian star. Joining them on the main actors were Amanda Tapping as Captain Samantha Carter, Christopher Judge as Teal’ c, as well as Don S. Davis as General George Hammond.

In this extremely special discussion with “Dial eviction,” SG-1 co-creator as well as exec producer Jonathan Glassner bears in mind exactly how each participant of this impressive actors was discovered. Glassner functioned along with co-creator Brad Wright in adjusting STARGATE to television for Showtime. (He later left the show after three periods.).

PREVIEW! This clip is from Dial the Gate’s unabridged interview with Jonathan Glassner, which is streaming reside on Saturday, February 19, 2022 (12 p.m. Pacific time). Listen for the complete discussion at:

★ SG-1 Season 1:
★ Jack O’Neill (Omnipedia):
★ Daniel Jackson (Omnipedia):
★ Samantha Carter (Omnipedia):
★ Teal’ c (Omnipedia):

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Is a New STARGATE Show Happening … or NOT? Amazon + MGM (News)

STARGATE fans all over the world are eager for news about a new installment in the science fiction franchise. We’ve been keeping track of Brad Wright’s attempt to get a fourth, live-action Stargate television series off the ground since 2019. This series would continue the existing television canon, rather than rebooting the concept with a hard reset.

Last week this story took a bit of an odd turn. Former SG-1 and ATLANTIS co-star Amanda Tapping told fans on a livestream Q&A that Wright had spoken with her about appearing on his new show. But after news outlets started reporting these comments – in some cases without much context, and with potentially misleading titles – Tapping took to Twitter to try and correct the record. She said, simply: “There is no new series that I know of.”

In this video we’re going to sort out the status of the new show, and what it might mean for the future of Stargate that AMAZON is now reportedly in talks to buy MGM in 2021.

THE COMPANION: Find the full May 8 livestream with Amanda Tapping exclusively for subscribers at . Specials thanks to The Companion for permission to use these clips!

★ Playlist – New Stargate Series Development (2018–Present):

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