STARGATE Virtual Panel – Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2021

Stargate SG-1 and also Stargate Atlantis stars Alexis Cruz, Joe Flanigan, Teryl Rothery, Paul McGillion, Corin Nemec, David Nykl as well as Cliff Simon offered an online panel with Wizard Globe Virtual Experiences 2021 to chat regarding these epic reveals, their jobs and to address fan questions.

Alexis Cruz played Skaara in the 1994 Stargate motion picture and also reprised that function for Stargate SG-1, plus was the Goa’uld Kloral when he was picked as a host. He is also understood for duties in FBI, Love Life, Shark, American Family and Touched by an Angel.

Joe Flanigan played Major, after that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in Stargate: Atlantis, but is likewise understood for functions on General Hospital, SEAL Team, First Monday, Profiler, Cupid, Dawson’s Creek and also Birds of Prey.

Teryl Rothery portayed Dr. Janet Fraiser in Stargate SG-1, and also provided the voice for Heimdall in one episode. She is also understood for duties in Caprica, Smallville, Arrow, Virgin River, The Good Doctor, Nancy Drew, Chip and Potato, Supernatural, Travelers, Cedar Cover, Hellcats as well as Kyle XY.

Paul McGillion was Dr. Carson Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis, but is also understood for Tomorrowland, A Fine Young Man, The Flash, Frontier, Supernatural, Star Trek (2009) and the upcoming Firefly Lane.

Corin Nemec was Jonas Quinn in Stargate SG-1, and also is additionally recognized for duties in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Beverly Hills, 90210, Renegades, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer as well as The Stand.

David Nykl was Dr. Radek Zelenka on Stargate: Atlantis, but is popular for duties in Arrow, Supernatural, Tomorrowland, The Sleepers, Carnival Row, Cold Squad as well as Merlin’s Apprentice.

Cliff Simon played Baal, the Goa’uld who cloned himself in Stargate SG-1, and has actually also been seen in Personal Space, Days of Our Lives, NCIS, The Americans, Castle and voice operate in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as well as The Order: 1886. He additionally repeated his duty as Baal in Stargate: Continuum.

Panel regulated by “Captain” Kyle Williamson of Fandom Spotlite.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

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