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Jonathan J. “Jack” O’Neill, Colonel (later on promoted), USAF, is an imaginary personality in armed forces scientific research fiction franchise Stargate, and also primarily among the major personalities of the tv series Stargate SG-1.

He is most recognized as represented by star Richard Dean Anderson, that played O’Neill in all the Stargate media given that 1997, when he took over the function from actor Kurt Russell, who represented the character in the initial Stargate movie in 1994. O’Neill and Daniel Jackson are the only two characters to appear in both the initial film and also all 3 Stargate tv collection.

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In his opening night in the 1994 movie as Jack O’Neil, the character leads the first string to undergo the Stargate on a reconnaissance goal. He subsequently ends up being the primary personality of the tv collection Stargate SG-1 produced in 1997 as a follow up to the flick. In the initial seven periods of the show, O’Neill is the leader of the team SG-1, a component of Stargate Program whose objective is to check out the galaxy and defend against alien threats.

The personality ended up being much less popular in the eighth period in which he is advertised Commanding Officer of Stargate Command, consequently greatly lowering the personality’s time spent checking out by means of the Stargate. Anderson picked to decrease his personality’s condition to spend more time with his family, ultimately leaving the program at the beginning of its nine period and only appearing four times until completion of the series in its tenth and final period. The personality’s absence from the program was explained by his promo to the placement of head of the Department of Homeworld Security.

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