Stargate Cast Reunion Table Read Version 2.0 – Exclusive Trailer (2022) Richard Dean Anderson

Take a look at the Stargate AI Version 2.0 trailer. You can register to join the special digital premiere occasion on May 21, 2022 right below:

Following last year’s Stargate A.I. cast get-together, the Companion, together with Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, as well as Stargate Atlantis co-creator Brad Wright, are back with some more fond memories for Stargate fans.

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), and Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) have returned to read some new scenes generated by artificial intelligence. That’s right, every line of dialogue as well as phase direction has been composed by Google AI.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

Examine out the trailer for a look of the upcoming Stargate reunion, and for a taste of what’s to find in the Stargate table read. Stargate A.I. Version 2.0 is readily available just on The Companion. The complete video will be available to see on-demand for Companion members the week after the best.

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