Stargate Atlantis Ancients VS The Borg | 2 Battles | Star Trek Ship Battle | Bridge Commander |

In this video we placed the Ancients from Stargate up against the Borg. The first battle includes a Borg Cube. The 2nd features a Borg tactical dice.

In this video clip we put an Ori Warship versus a Klingon Starbase and also 3 Negh’ Vars.

Finest Place For Star Trek Bridge Commander Mods:

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

Thursday 9th June 2022 Videos:

Saffi The Spy VS Dr Who:
Romulan Warbird VS Klingon Negh’ Var:
Ori Warship VS Klingon Starbase:
Borg Sovereign VS Enterprise G:
Stargate Atlantis Ancients VS The Borg:
Retro Badgers New Galaxy Refit Mod:

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