Ranmasu Uyana – Stargate of Gods Found? Ancient Aliens in Sri Lanka

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It has an extremely complex layout, which looks comparable to an electric circuit layout or a technical drawing as well as individuals of Sri Lanka believe that this is a stargate, a portal through which Gods came from various worlds. Sakwala means Universe in Sinhala language as well as Chakraya indicates Wheel in Tamil and also Sanskrit. As well as more importantly, if mainstream archeologists think that this is a simply simple stone carving, why is it shielded with an iron fencing?

Residents state that there is an odd power appearing this carving at particular times as well as it is not advisable to stand or sit really near it. Right here is an elderly gentleman who tries to show me that the stargate produces weird energy. He demonstrates this making use of a spiritual amulet connected to a string, as well as it begins rotating immediately. This rotating movement can be quickly fabricated, however I do have actually something called an EMF detector. This will show also extremely little changes in energies. And also you can see that the EMF meter’s needle quickly goes all the way to the various other side, which suggests there is a really high degree of energy coming from this. This meter just appears to 5 Milligauss, however this rock must be producing a much greater level of magnetic flux. This clearly suggests that there is something strange going on below. What is also unfamiliar person is that, this is not a continuous flux as well as we can see this just at particular times. When I tested this once more a few mins later on, there was no reading. Keep in mind, I have already shown you yet one more Stargate in India. This location has actually been entirely partitioned, so there was no other way to find the EMF there. What is the purpose of these stargates? According to Sri Lankans, this 6 foot high stargate is not just a site with which the Gods came down from the skies, but if made use of correctly, even human beings can travel to other components of deep space, via this stargate. We can see that there are numerous seats sculpted right before this carving. Residents insist that if humans sit enough time as well as soak up the power coming out of it, they would be able to travel as well as reach the Gods.Another theory is that concentrating extremely on these 7 circles in the middle of the representation would create hallucinations and induce astral traveling and also various other psychedelic experiences. Some people additionally believe that Lord Buddha himself visited this stargate at least 3 times as well as he was able to run this and travel to other planets. Some tantric Buddhists still visit this area in the evening, illuminate oil lamps, and also enter into a really deep state of meditation, in an attempt to open this stargate. It is thought that extreme concentrating or touching these icons in a particular combination can open the portal to heavens.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

The western globe thinks that the idea of Ancient Aliens began in the last 50 years, however in the Asian continent, individuals have believed this for hundreds of years. This gentleman who practices meditation daily in this area, thinks that Hindu Gods involved planet using this stargate.

You Know Skanda? 12 hands as well as 6 faces? They likewise aliens.
Me: Skanda is Alien?
Him: Yeah.
Him: BhadraKali implies Young Time. They additionally aliens. Correctly as well as exactly you can not say that, however slightly we are obtaining that scent, the shadow. It is not from this globe.
He has never seen or listened to anything about the term “old aliens”, however you can see how firmly he believes that Gods came down from the skies.

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