Next Stargate Show Would Have a NEW Kind of Gate

STARGATE television co-creator Brad Wright shared an awesome new tidbit from his unproduced Stargate script during a livestream with Richard Dean Anderson on July 27th.

The two SG-1 veterans talked for an hour about their friendship and their time on the show, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary. But when it came time to address his unproduced pilot for a fourth live-action TV series, Wright sounded a bit pessimistic about whether Amazon and MGM are going to green-light the show.

But in the meantime, he revealed a new piece of intel about a brand new type of Stargate that he’s put in his script. And it’s actually something several of you predicted …

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Watch Brad Wright and Richard Dean Anderson’s full, hour-long livestream conversation here:

★ Fourth Stargate Series Would Introduce A Unique Kind of Gate:
★ Three Different STARGATES (VIDEO):
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