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Mega Drive Longplay [205] Stargate

Played by MadMatty

I saw the current Sega16 testimonial of this video game and wished to play it. Whats begins of as a fun normalish platformer soon becomes repetative as the video game differs very little throughout. The problem degree is abit insain at times (my mistake for playing on tough?).

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

I obtain abit shed partially as I seek all the Symbols as well as Nuclear tool components. I do get them all to unlock finest finishing. As well as for all the effort, a 2 screen end. Probe did a poor task porting the snes variation it seems, quite a lot cutting the finishing off.

Im certain they could have located a means to have some type of Deathglider battle without requiring the snes mode 7. a laterally shoting little bit would have been enough. While the game has its excellent components, i was dissapointed ultimately and would certainly advise any individual wanting to play it to play on the snes instead so for a much more total video game.

While the songs is ok, it does not vary a lot throughout the video game and sounds absolutely nothing like stargate.