Is a New STARGATE Show Happening … or NOT? Amazon + MGM (News)

STARGATE fans all over the world are eager for news about a new installment in the science fiction franchise. We’ve been keeping track of Brad Wright’s attempt to get a fourth, live-action Stargate television series off the ground since 2019. This series would continue the existing television canon, rather than rebooting the concept with a hard reset.

Last week this story took a bit of an odd turn. Former SG-1 and ATLANTIS co-star Amanda Tapping told fans on a livestream Q&A that Wright had spoken with her about appearing on his new show. But after news outlets started reporting these comments – in some cases without much context, and with potentially misleading titles – Tapping took to Twitter to try and correct the record. She said, simply: “There is no new series that I know of.”

In this video we’re going to sort out the status of the new show, and what it might mean for the future of Stargate that AMAZON is now reportedly in talks to buy MGM in 2021.

THE COMPANION: Find the full May 8 livestream with Amanda Tapping exclusively for subscribers at . Specials thanks to The Companion for permission to use these clips!

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