Inside STARGATE SG-1’s Original Pilot Script: 9 Changes from Script to Screen

GateWorld has actually discovered the original, first-draft manuscript for “Children of the Gods”– the 2-hour best motion picture for STARGATE SG-1! The completed episode broadcast in July of 1997, releasing the tv franchise business that would certainly cover greater than 350 episodes. But a lot of things altered between Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner’s initial manuscript as well as the final episode.

Below we’re running down 9 big adjustments (plus 11 even more tiny ones)– from the name of the Big Bad, to the Stargate’s iris, to a junked fight scene inside the prison on Chulak, to Lt. Kawalsky’s final destiny. One main character from the program even obtained an adjustment in name as well as ranking before SG-1 premiered.

You can check out all the manuscript excerpts as well as analysis at the web link listed below!


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