Die Besucher – Návštěvníci – Main Theme / Synthfluencer

“Die Besucher” (Návštěvníci) was a TV program running in the mid 80s in German tv. The story shows some similarity to “Back to the future”: A team of scientists is travelling back in time. In 1984 they wish to save the journal of a genious future scientist that can conserve mankind in the year 2484.

The television program was generated by fabulous Barrandov studios of Czechoslovakia. The exceptional composer Karel Svoboda developed the soundtrack. This entertainment is a tribute to this terrific program and soundtrack.

Equipment made use of:
Vermona Synthesizer (lead), Vermona Piano Strings with Zoom MS-70CDR effect unit (refrain string enhancement), Behringer Model D (bass), Behringer Neutron (blips), Behringer Deepmind (electro harp), Waldorf Blofeld (blops), Yamaha MODX (history pad, piano), Elektron Model: Samples (drums). Sequenced with Squarp Pyramid. Shot in one take, raw result live taped.

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