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THE ASGARD MOTHERSHIP: An innovative, alien warcraft created by the Asgard. The vessel signifies the pinnacle of their innovative people, equipped with technologies to rival any type of types in the recognized world.

The Asgard fleet was designed and also deployed to defend many individuals under their protection, and also in so doing to perpetuate the misconception of the Asgard as good-hearted gods …

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★ Asgard mothership (Omnipedia):
★ Asgard (Omnipedia):
★ Thor (Omnipedia):
★ Beliskner (Omnipedia):
★ O’Neill (ship) (Omnipedia):’Neill_( ship).
★ “Thor’s Chariot” (SG-1 Season 2):
★ “Nemesis” (SG-1 Season 3):
★ “Small Victories” (SG-1 Season 4):
★ “Unnatural Selection” (SG-1 Season 6):
★ “New Order” (SG-1 Season 8):
★ “Camelot” (SG-1 Season 9):

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