Ancient STARGATE Found in India? Silathoranam at Tirumala Temple

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Hey men, below is an odd stone arc located in the hills of Tirumala. The arch is large, it mores than 26 feet wide and also 10 feet in height and also rock hounds verify that no such formation exists in all of Asia. Researchers insist that this is a natural development, despite the fact that it does not look like an all-natural structure. They show up to have actually cut marks at numerous areas suggesting that it was produced with smart innovation if you look at the rocks nearby.
You may ask yourself why a so-called natural formation requires an 8 foot tall fencing and also should be kept locked at all times. I imply, if this is just a natural rock development, why does it have to be locked? I have to reveal you the footage from the outside, and I could not check the EMF radiation on site with my EMF meter.
Residents confirm that this framework was open to the public, yet something weird started to happen in the last years when individuals began utilizing cell phones as well as electronic cameras. Many people started complaining that their cell phones and also cams died when they obtained near the arc. All these evidences suggest that the so-called all-natural development produces a weird radiation, which is not understood by human beings.
The main plaque on this website claims something extremely fascinating: It reads “Devotees think that Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity of this spiritual hillside showed up through this as. swayambhu” – Swayambu means showing up without the aid of any devices or human beings. This suggests that he appeared through this arc which makes this framework a Stargate. Currently, what is a stargate?

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