Ancient Civilizations | Stargates – Ancient Aliens, Portals & The Inner Earth. With Graham Hancock

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The 5th Kind have actually been fortunate sufficient to work together with Gaia for the previous few years. Bringing you some Amazing web content from Gaia collection Ancient Civilizations including high account guests such as Graham Hancock, Linda Mouton Howe, Jack Cary, Anton Parks, Billy Carson, Gregg Braden, Freddy Silva, Shawn Stone, Jonathan Young, Andrew Collins as well as more!

This video clip manufacturing documentary has actually been produced utilizing clips from the Gaia collection old worlds and is licenced and offered you partnership with

Subjects in the video clip consist of:
Portals to the Universe elaborately put in expensive alignment, might have when opened websites to deep space, permitting access for entities from other globes as well as measurements.

Tower of Babel – Legends informs us that language as soon as unified every one of humankind, however a harmful error resulted in this once-unifying force coming to be a method of mass confusion. Beyond the scriptural account, researchers found most contemporary languages do certainly come from a singular matrix language.

The complex tunnels and also cave systems throughout the American Southwest have actually been utilized for military programs and sacred events alike. Piece together Hopi and also Zuni mythology with eyewitness accounts to open the secrets of the 4 edges as well as its history of extraterrestrial impact.

Hier kann auch ihre WERBUNG stehen ???

Is there an old code which aims the method to inner planet human beings like Agharta and also Patala? Dental practices from indigenous cultures, throughout the globe, all indicate old sophisticated civilizations prospering deep under the earth.

Was Göbekli Tepe constructed as a sacred interstellar website connecting the people of Earth with extraterrestrial people?

Denisovans: They Might Be Giants Is there a bit of reality to be found within the old legends of titans?

Lost Cities Beneath the Ocean. Mysterious accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and also Sumeria tell startling comparable tales of the oceanic devastation of innovative people which disappeared right into the world’s oceans as well as neglected to the wear and tears.

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